This website is developed through Upwork contract with Colophon New Media, LLC – James Eastman.

I have redesigned this blog from its old look to have modern and responsive design.

On this website I have used my imagination to put the content on its right place.

On the old design there were two sidebars, two columns with posts, no featured images and no footer section.

I have placed everything in the right place, made the sidebar more user friendly and trimmed the number of posts showing per page to make also the footer widgets sooner available for the visitors. The project was finished also with optimizing the website codes, images and everything for about 8 hours. I have got the  biggest bonus in my life on this project.

This time maybe I have found the project manager that I will work for many, many years.


Colophon New Media, LLC:

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WordPress Blog Development

My description for the agreement:


With the client we already have worked on previous project, he was satisfied by my work and hired me like his WordPress developer. The project wasn’t completed, but that project lead to further work.


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Bojan is a top-notch developer. He is a great communicator, technically skilled and has positive attitude toward challenges. Bojan made an extra effort with overall development and applied work/settings that were thoughtful and very helpful to the successful outcome of the project.