I have developed this website through a contract with one old client and company that I have worked for many times. I feel that this client is my project manager already. I have optimized and edited all the photos that are used. I have developed EagleYouthFoundation on their new GoDaddy hosting and, set up e-mail, installed WordPress and everything. I have had almost all the ideas about the design.

The Eagle Youth Foundation (EYF) is a 501 C (3) corporation that was created to combat the lack of positive influences and role models. EAGLE is an acronym that stands for Empowering Adolescents, Growing Leaders Every(day). EYF realizes peer pressure and social norms can lead Youth into making poor choices thus leading them down the wrong paths. EYF strives to offer essential elements of positive youth development through the building and cultivating of positive relationships and experiences. We also believe in the efforts needed to transform lives which should be relationship and experience based.  The main goal of EYF is empowering youth to engage in healthy competition whether on and off the court will lead to healthy relationships, education, and contributions which in turn will leave a legacy.

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Bojan you have done a great job!

Chris Bache

Bojan is VERY responsive, always available, and our requests were always met immediately.