This website also is developed through Upwork contract with Monsin Solutions LLC.

For NYChipRepair website I have set up its hosting, e-mails, added forwarders (requested by client) etc..

On this website I have used my imagination to put the content on its right place. I have used Photoshop to edit all the images, add layered images like the image with the broken glass in the Porter Assist Program section on the homepage, I have designed the logo, the favicon and everything like the frames etc.

Together with one of the best client we have chosen all the images that are used and after that I made the edits.


Original job post from Monsin Solutions LLC:



Website Design – Simple and Up to Date


I will need to have a website up and running in order to support small venture that is already in progress.
Although it will not be the prime driver of revenue I want it to be up to date in look, feel and SEO.
I have most of content but will need experienced hand in constructive advice on putting it together.
Most of content is complete, logo is lacking but not essential, estimate 4-6 pages/slides.
As a small venture our budgets are limited but I will not be looking for ‘cheapest’ bids but rather samples of work as well as track record and testimonials here on O Desk.
There is a good chance of needing more work for other ventures so my decision will be based on scope of work beyond this project.
If you are interested, please contact me and provide access to samples of work and estimated timeline/quote for completion.

Application after his invitation to interview:


I can build your website and I can help you to put the content toghether on it to look simple and professional. I will make the SEO also.
If you contact me again I will ask you to give me the content, or the content samles to be able to find examle templates that can be used to fit it and you will chose from them.

I will tell you the estimate when I will review the content, but the most times I build websites in 2-3 days, spending around 20 hours.

Please review my portfolio on my personal

Best regards,

This was his answer: 

I am hoping to get this project for a simple yet up to date website done asap.

My understanding is that websites are now in more of a vertical scroll format to allow for mobile friendly use, and to be more google responsive as well….and your site looks much like that. [ great work btw]

For this project I have content, images, collateral flyer for idea of prelim look and feel.
All of which can be changed or improved on.
I am hoping to find someone that can, if there is a need, be creative and collaborative.
I may need simple logo.
Do you feel that you can work with me on this?
Send me some samples of work for websites.
Can you design a logo?

I bit more info on us—this start up for a windshield chip repair and porter service for new car dealerships in NY area.

You mentioned 20 hours, which is about our budget at your rate. I am hoping for a website, hosting, logo.

Let me know if there are any questions on your part or input.

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Bojan was a complete professional and pleasure to work with. He not only took leadership in guiding the process but took creative initiative and was patient with my revisions. In the end, he exceeded my expectations and delivered a beautiful site. Very happy....will be referring him in future. R

Monsin Solutions LLC

Bojan, I am very happy with the site. You are the best! Thanks man!!!