I have developed this website for Tecordeon company through UPWork contract, provided and edited all the images that are used there except the portfolio and blog images.

They bought the template that through the project time was updated to a newest version.

I have used Sticky Popup plugin to create the Request a Quote sticky popup form and customized the popup with around 30 lines of CSS to be as they like.

I have accepted around 30-40 revisions from the clients. This is around 20 people Indian company and every one of them had their own wishes. I have customized everything that they asked and completed all their requests.

They do maintenance and changes to the website after the end of the project.


Original job post from Tecordeon Inc.:

Tecorndeon Inc.


Tecordeon Inc – WordPress Website Design


We have a website and the content needs to be move to WordPress based web site. We are moving to the new wordpress site because we need to integrate the Google analytics and other tracking tools that is not happening with our existing site.

We need an experienced developer who can:

Suggest few alternatives and quickly upgrade to the new site.
Quick turn around time.
Experienced in SEO


Every page should have access to Contact US
Blog Feature
Our Works/Portfolio features
News Letter feature
Responsive design
Work/Portfolio Category
Social Plugins
Contact us along with Map
Google Analytics Integration
Clients Info in Portfolio
Partnerships page (Microsoft/Xamarin)
Request a Quote



I can develop your website from template in less than 2 weeks. After that we will add tracking codes from google, bing and maybe yahoo to the website. Also in that price I will make the full search engine optimization in the website (meta, keywords, alt tags, headings, back links……..). The new design will be online in less than a week, and the whole project will be ended in 2 weeks.
If you want me to, I can provide the templates that you can chose of.

 Tecorndeon Inc.

I must say that regarding the quality of the website they payed triple of their budget.

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Nice to work with Bojan, responsive, attentive, professional and committed.