This blog also is developed through Upwork contract with David Miller (Links).

This is a video blog and regular blog where everybody can make an account and upload their stuff that is appropriate with the theme of the blog. The website has user management features, registering, logging, submitting new posts, password recovery, users channels pages, and everything that is needed for the blog to be something similar to YouTube.

On this website I have used my imagination to put the content on its right place. I have used Photoshop to edit the logo that was provided by other designer.

The client is really communicational and with good cooperation skills.


Original job post from David Miller (Links):



Website Design – Simple and Up to Date


I need a creative WordPress developer who can customize my WordPress Video Blog – I am using theme bought from EnvatoMarket. I need someone with a good creative eye so that the result is a classy professional looking video blog.

Application after his invitation to interview:


Thank you for your invitation.
I will must review the template on computer… Right now I’m on mobile phone.

Please review my portfolio.

This was his answer: 

Your portfolio is good.  You know what you are doing.

I have uploaded theme and installed standard widgets on the site.  You can see the site now i just need you to make it all look nice and smart for me.

View Online

Excellent! Great, all the website looks nice.

David Miller

Excellent experience would recommend.